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MyRage CoD2 Squad

MyRage Multigaming is proud to present Call of Duty 2 Squad. They will be playing for us and will represent MyRage Online and Offline.



-Toni "Legacy" Frua

-Sandi "archangel" Abdagić - Team Captain

-Aladin "blade" Ljubijankić

-Mateo "mbot" Marušić

-Tony "lamzoRRR" Grauchnem

-Amil "blueangel" Ćohadžić


Some words from archangel:
"First of all, I'd like to say thanks to my friend Legacy who advised us to joing MyRage organisation. We're glad to be a part of the organisation such as MyRage.
There's nothing much to say except we will do our best to make sure that MyRage Call of Duty 2 team is the right choice they made when they appointed us. I
think we will benefit from each other in a partnership between organisation and a team. We're all looking forward to play together as a team and we will see
the future is holding for us."




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New Sponsors supports MyRage Gaming Organisation!

Today we spoke to one of the best hosters in the Europe and they decided to sponsor MyRage with spectacular servers with great pings!
Let us introduce you PingPerfect Hosting & Budgetslots Hosting!


BudgetSlots Hosting is a recently founded game and voice server hosting provider with servers in Amsterdam.

Customer support is our main objective! We provide you best servers with low ping! 

Welcome to PingPerfect Servers, your one stop, premium provider of game servers and web hosting. What makes us different is that we at PingPerfect are gamers too - this means we understand what gamers want and need, to ensure you have perfect pings and performance on your game servers. We have invested in the latest hardware and have a custom, private network with a dedicated 10gb feed to our cabinets in the data centre with direct peering with tier 1 providers, ensuring that no matter where you are in the world, you will have the most stable and rock solid connections, giving you the edge with hit reg and positioning in game. We like to receive constructive feedback too. If you think it is possible to improve perfection, we are more than interested to hear what you have to say.

We can often be found in game, and often drop by in your game servers to ensure you're completely happy with our service - and to dish out some good old fashioned ownage!!


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We announce you partnership with Base-Host!

We would like to announce you partnership with video game reseller Base-Host.com.hr

Something about them:

Base-Host is PC/XBOX Video Game reseller.They are on the croatian trade market since 2009. and they served over 2000 satisfied
customers with different kind of video games.When u buy CD-Key u get scanned picture of Retail case of the video game.What can
Base-Host offer you?.They offer you great support and quick respondes on your questions.They offer over fifty games for PC
same is for games for XBOX360.You can visit them at their facebook fanpage:www.facebook.com/basehost or official


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Wish them luck

Our MyRage Polish team will attend Silesia Gaming Tournament Lan in Poland and the date is 24.9.2013.

Our boys will play in this lineup:

-Daniel "ERDOL" Kuźniak

-Wojciech "DRAGZ " Kosar

-Dawid "Dashi" Szender

-Mateusz "KOFFAL" Kowalczyk

-Jakub "Forgotten" Grzęda


We wish them Good luck and make MyRage Multigaming proud!!!!




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Another team join's us!

We would like to introduce you our new Europian based team!They will be playing for us

and will represent MyRage Online and Offline.


Some words from luNAR:

"First of all i have to give a massive thanks to the management over at myrage. they are a friendly and welcoming org with allot of backbone. 

Now ill try not to bore you with a long winded life story, but a short and sweet message to all, Were so glad to be back in a team again and representing an org, 

Jimmy was the one who put us into contact with myrage although long story short we seemed to be acquainted already, 

after a discussion about how we could benefit each other in a partnership between org and team  we decided to set on our journey and we're raring to go. 

we cant wait to get back into playing as a structured team since we have all been looking for a team for a while...

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